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Make money with artificial intelligence

In recent years, artificial intelligence has opened a new paradigm in society. Many tasks are being automated by programs, making people's lives easier and significantly improving results.

In this article we give you some ideas on how YOU can use the potential of artificial intelligence for your own benefit and make money with it.

What this article shows are only possible ideas but at no time are we going to guarantee that you can make money with them. Earning money or not will depend on how these ideas are carried out and the strategy that each person follows.

Trading with bots using artificial intelligence

make money with trading bots

Trading, for example, with cryptocurrencies, can be complicated and where you can lose money. Today, trading bots exist.

These are artificial intelligence programs that analyze the entire price history along with other metrics to know at all times what to do, whether to invest, hold or withdraw money.

There are a wide variety of bots and artificial intelligences that can be investigated. However, it is important to choose the right one to be able to make real profits.

For me, the best one I've tried is Cryptohopper. This bot allows you to automate your trading and surf the best opportunities that occur during the day and night without you having to be attentive. The bot does it for you!

It also allows you to connect to a large number of exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase or Bittrex.

It is important to mention that this is not an investment recommendation. Many times you can make profits with artificial intelligence bots. However, in the world of investments nothing is certain and you can lose money.

Use smart chatbots to generate leads

make money with chatbots

If you have a website that offers services or a company, you can use intelligent chatbots to generate leads or clients. That is, you add a chat on the website where interested customers enter and the intelligent chatbot will answer any questions they have.

Additionally, you can use the chat to get the potential client's phone number and email. This way, you can contact them later to close the sale. This chatbot system allows you to earn more money and generate more customers using artificial intelligence.

Create a payment app using machine learning

applications with machine learning

A while ago a guy caught my attention who had earned thousands and thousands of dollars creating a mobile application that was capable of telling you the species of a plant using just a photo.

This classification system is made with artificial intelligence. Therefore, another way to make money with AI is to make an application similar to this one and put it on sale for a moderate price on platforms such as Google Play or Apple Store.

Create a SAAS that uses AI

program smart platform

If you have knowledge of web programming and data analysis, you can create a SAAS (Software As A Service). That is, a platform hosted on a web server where users can access and use some utility.

An example is web pages that are dedicated to removing the background from a photograph. This program is made using artificial intelligence that is capable of separating what is the background from the main object of the image.

To earn money you could simply put some type of payment to use the tool. Another option is that the tool is free but that you place ads to earn money every time people click on them.

Other types of ideas for platforms would be:

  • A website that will transform a black and white photograph into one with an image.
  • A platform that allows you to perform data analysis and draw relevant conclusions.
  • A whose tool functionality was to make a sales prediction based on the history of other years.

There are many possibilities. You just have to let your imagination fly!

Creation of NFTs

create an nft

The creation of NFTs using generative artificial intelligence algorithms such as GANs (Generative Advsersarial Networks) or the autoencoders It is another option to take into account.

Currently, NFTs are on everyone's lips. They are being bought and sold for thousands of dollars so making a collection of NFTs using machine learning is a great idea.

Once the collection is created, you will have to use some marketing strategy to publicize your NFTs. With a good strategy, a good speech and some nice tokens you will surely be able to make some money.

Predict stock market behavior

stock market prediction

One option to be profitable and make money buying and selling shares is to create an artificial intelligence model that is capable of predicting the behavior of the stock market based on its historical past.

The best way to create such a model is to use simple statistical methods such as ARIMA or SARIMA. However, if we want something really precise and we have access to computational resources, it is best to use recurrent neural networks such as LSTM or transformers, an algorithm used in artificial intelligences as famous as GPT-3.

Looking for a job as an artificial intelligence expert

work in artificial intelligence

Becoming an expert in artificial intelligence and working as a machine learning engineer is an option that is in everyone's hands. You can take courses online, for example, on platforms like Coursera or Udemy and spend a few months delving deeply into the different fields of artificial intelligence.

You can also visit our articles master in machine learning, master in business intelligence either master in big data in case you want to specialize by doing some of these official postgraduate courses.

Once you have a good level, you can look for employment in some of the many companies that offer jobs related to artificial intelligence and data analysis: data scientist, big data architect or business intelligence consultant are just some examples.

It is important to note that salaries for these jobs are well above average. They are highly sought-after professionals since there is a lot of demand and little supply of young people who know enough to fill these positions.

Be a freelance expert in machine learning

image of a freelancer

If you have the necessary knowledge you can also be a freelance artificial intelligence consultant. The objective is to contact companies that are making the leap to artificial intelligence and guide them along this path by recommending the best implementation of AI algorithms for their company.

Being Freelance you can work for several clients and in addition, the price per hour is much higher than being hired in a conventional company. This is also a very good way to make money using artificial intelligence.