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Master's degree in machine learning, best master's degrees in Spain

Machine learning, Deep learning or artificial intelligence are fields of technology that have been growing enormously in recent years. Having knowledge about these areas allows you to create your own projects or work for the most cutting-edge companies in technology such as Google or Amazon.

In Spain there are a wide variety of courses, master's degrees and postgraduate degrees where you can learn the fundamentals of machine learning. Most of these courses include many practical teaching hours where machine learning models are generated through programming, usually in Python.

Below we show you some postgraduate and master's degrees, both in-person and online, so that you can acquire the necessary knowledge to have a successful working life or simply so that you can create your own projects using artificial intelligence.

Online machine learning master

In recent years, online education has increased considerably. For this reason, many universities and schools in Spain have chosen to create teaching plans suitable for online learning.

In this section we will show you some of these artificial intelligence centers that offer this type of online courses.

UNED distance university

machine learning at uned

The national distance university is specialized in courses, postgraduate degrees and master's degrees with a 100% online modality. They offer a virtual space with all the material necessary to complete the machine learning master's degree satisfactorily and a forum where you can share doubts and questions with other students and teachers.

During the master's degree, you learn the theoretical part of the methods that will later be used to create predictive models.

The master's thesis consists of generating an autonomous learning model using real data using all the methodologies used throughout the year.

Duration : annual

ECTS credits : 60

Modality : from distance

Language : Spanish

Guy : own title

1. Give the student an introduction to the main methods used in machine learning from both a theoretical and practical point of view

2. Develop the necessary knowledge to program all the models learned in the theoretical classes

3. Evaluate and improve the predictive models obtained

4. Learn what type of model is convenient to apply in each situation

1. Introduction to machine learning

2. Data exploration using R

3. Classification method with K-nearest neighbors (KNN) technique

4. Classification with the Naive Bayes statistical method

5. Decision trees

6. Machine learning with regression methods

7. Neural networks and support vector machines (SVM)

8. Search for patterns

9. Data clustering by K-means

10. Evaluation of methods with metrics

11. Improvement of the models obtained

12. Computational aspects to take into account

13. Master's thesis (TFM)

Master's website:

IEBS Business School

study machine learning at IEBS

Machine learning is a very important part of data science. Currently, many technology companies are demanding professionals with knowledge in the data sector and artificial intelligence algorithms.

This postgraduate course from the IEBS Business School is designed to teach students the main machine learning algorithms and models: supervised autonomous learning and unsupervised autonomous learning.

During the course the student will learn the theoretical bases of these models and how to apply each of them. An important part of the postgraduate degree is acquiring the knowledge of when to apply one algorithmic model or another. Upon completion of the postgraduate degree, you will be prepared to enter the world of work.

Duration : 375 hours

ECTS credits : 60

Modality : from distance

Language : English

Guy : own title

1. Be able to develop prediction analysis models using a large amount of data

2. Understand what current and future applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence have

3. Know the mathematical foundations of both supervised and unsupervised algorithms

Agenda not currently available. You can find more information at the following link:

Email :

Contact Madrid : (+34) 919058055

Contact Barcelona : (+34) 931833199

Contact Montevideo : (+59) 827116748

Contact Mexico City : (+52) 5541725940

Address in Barcelona : Carrer de la Tecnologia, 19, 2nd floor left, 08840 Viladecans, Barcelona

AI and online data science at the European university

data science at the european university

The online master's degree in machine learning and artificial intelligence from the European University is designed for students who want to acquire a technical profile and lead projects based on intelligent autonomous learning within the most cutting-edge technology companies in the sector such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle or Google.

This postgraduate course gives a transversal vision of the different techniques that are used today in the world of machine learning in addition to providing students with the necessary knowledge to apply AI models in a practical way and solve problems based on the data they provide. the results of these models.

Duration : 375 hours

ECTS credits : 30

Modality : online

Language : Spanish

Guy : own title

1. Develop the knowledge necessary to have a professional profile in artificial intelligence demanded by companies in the sector

2. Learn about the latest trends and technologies in addition to networking with leaders in the field of AI

3. Deep mastery of machine learning techniques, visual recognition, natural language processing, among others

4. Learn to use the main programming libraries and tools such as pytohn, keras, pandas, tensorflow, scikit-learn, Anaconda or Jupyter Notebook

5. Be able to program in both R and Python and generate predictive models with these programs

1. Introduction to artificial intelligence and machine learning

2. Data preparation and refinement

3. Mathematical foundations of machine learning and Deep learning

4. Learning phases: modeling, training, evaluation, production and improvement.

5. Natural language analysis, image recognition and virtual assistants

6. Ethics in AI and detection of bias

7. Final master's project supervised by experts from the sector

Admissions : 918340192

Students : 914146611

Address 1 : Villaviciosa de Odón Campus. C/ Tajo, s/n. Urb. El Bosque 28670 Villaviciosa de Odón (Madrid)

Address 2 : Alcobendas Campus. Avda. Fernando Alonso, 8 28108 Alcobendas (Madrid)

Master in machine learning at UNIR

master of machine learning at uni

This master's degree from the International University of La Rioja prepares students for the needs of the world of work in the technology sector, more specifically those related to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

It is a completely online postgraduate program lasting one year. It is advisable to have programming knowledge before requesting access. A bachelor's degree or degree is required to be accepted.

Duration : 1 year

ECTS credits : 60

Modality : 100% online

Language : Spanish

Guy : own title

1. Acquire knowledge of cognitive computing

2. Master programming oriented to the application of artificial intelligence using Python or R

3. Master machine learning libraries such as OpenCV, NLTK or tensorflow

4. Design processes using machine learning or cloud computing to solve certain problems

5. Work with natural language and computer vision models through AI

1. Research in artificial intelligence

2. Cognitive neuroscience

3. Computational perception

4. Automatic planning

5. Machine learning

6. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

8. Master's thesis (TFM)