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Rubén Cañadas

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My name is Rubén and I am passionate about science and technology. My career in these two worlds began at the age of 18 when I started a biochemistry degree at the University of Barcelona (UB).

Two years later I discovered the world of computational biochemistry where mathematical and physical models from fields as interesting as quantum physics, statistical physics or classical physics are used to computationally model what happens in our cells and be able to create better drugs.

At this point is when I became interested in the technological part, programming, data science and artificial intelligence.

I applied this knowledge in various sectors of biology in order to better understand the behavior of enzymes and various types of molecules. I developed all this work at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center using one of the most powerful computers in the world. The MareNostrum.

Thanks to all the knowledge I acquired about physics, chemistry, mathematics, programming and artificial intelligence, I was able to publish 2 articles in important journals within the computational biology sector.

I leave my articles linked below:

After finishing my biochemistry degree, I completed a master's degree in theoretical chemistry and computational modeling. As if that were not enough, I also enrolled part-time at the Distance University of Spain (UNED) to complete a degree in mathematics. I love to learn!

After my scientific career I have worked in different companies applying artificial intelligence models to, for example, be able to predict sales (with forecasting models) in the food sector.

During these last years I have also worked in a renewable energy company, implementing scientific methods to model the behavior of the wind effectively and help wind engineers in the design and construction of wind plants.

In these projects I have acquired a lot of knowledge, both technological and scientific. For this reason, in my free time I dedicate myself to writing blog articles about science and technology. Furthermore, I am also the creator of this blog, Abdatum.

If you want to know more about me you can take a look at my LinkedIn!

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