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Who we are

My name is Rubén and I am a great lover of the world of technology. In 2015 I began to become interested in the world of programming, artificial intelligence and data science.

I was working at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center where I carried out different projects collaborating with the pharmaceutical and industrial industries with the aim of designing new drugs and enzymes using all types of mathematical methods through programming.

I have published some scientific articles in prestigious theoretical and computational chemistry journals:

If you want more information about me you can find me on linkedin:

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About the Abdatum project

Initially, the Abdatum project was born with the objective of disseminating knowledge of artificial intelligence, Big data and Business Intelligence in a simple way. Over time the project has grown and right now it has the great challenge of becoming one of the reference blogs in Spanish-speaking technology.

To do this, every business day we will upload an article about one of the most interesting technological areas of the moment: we will talk about Blockchain technology, Data Science, Programming, Automations, Wordpress, Internet of Things (IoT) and many more things!


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Contact me

If you want to suggest a topic or article or simply tell me anything, you can write to me at and I will try to respond as soon as possible.