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Master in Business Intelligence or Business Intelligence

The demand for business intelligence professionals has increased greatly in recent years.

Business intelligence consists of applying data analysis, big data, and data visualization methods to make business decisions that bring improvements to the company.

Furthermore, the salaries of business intelligence experts are very interesting. It ranges between 30K and 50K depending on the company and experience.

Best online master's degrees in business intelligence

The future projection of these jobs is upward. Increasingly, companies are betting on this type of technology to improve their results.

In Spain there are many universities that offer master's degrees in business intelligence to train these types of professionals.

We have compiled the best in the country and in each one we describe the syllabus, objectives and how to contact the university to enroll.

Business Intelligence at UNIR

master business intelligence unit

At the International University of La Rioja or better known as UNIR you can find a wide variety of master's degrees and postgraduate degrees related to data management and the interpretation of information.

One of them is the Business Intelligence master's degree where you learn to manage data and extract relevant information from it to make more optimal business decisions and obtain better performance.

During the course you will learn the most cutting-edge technologies and those used by the majority of companies that use business intelligence. Some of them are Power Bi, SQL, R or Matlab.

1. Have a solid foundation of modern technological concepts such as CRM, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Bots or Internet of Things.

2. Learn to automate processes and obtain information in real time to accelerate decision making.

3. Know how to implement essential processes in Business Intelligence such as ETL: Extraction, Transformation and Loading.

4. Apply everything learned in online classes to real cases so that the student faces complex real-life situations and leaves the master's degree prepared to be hired.

1. Data-driven business strategy and management

2. Customer intelligence (CRM)

3. Advanced data visualization

4. Big data analysis for business

5. Technological foundations for data processing

6. Business intelligence project management

7. Applied business intelligence

8. External internships

9. Master's thesis


Telephone number: 917 909 730


Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence at the UOC

master big data analytics uoc

The objective of the master's degree at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) is to train professionals from both the business and technical sectors to use massive data analysis tools to carry out business decisions.

The knowledge acquired through the different modules prepares the student to be able to work as a professional upon finishing the master's degree. This is achieved thanks to the large practical part of the course where the student is forced to apply everything known to prepare a strategy suitable for each problem.

Professionals in this sector are currently in high demand since big data, business intelligence, data analysis and machine learning are areas of technology that can provide great advantages to any type of business.

Duration: 1 academic year

ECTS credits: 66

Mode: remote

Language: Spanish

Type: own title

1. Know how to manage and interpret data to obtain appropriate decisions and conclusions for the business.

2. Understand information systems and make use of big data and analytics tools to make good business decisions.

3. Implement and know how to use both relational and non-relational database technologies.

4. Understand and apply the latest technologies in data mining to extract and analyze information from social networks, texts, user feelings among other fields.

5. Know how to use BI programs to generate reports, control panels and dashboards so that managers and other departments can interact easily and quickly with the company's data.

1. Data analytics

2. Data management

3. Analytical use cases

4. Big data

5. Master's thesis

For more information you can enter the following link:


Master in Business Intelligence and Data Analysis at IEBS

master in data intelligence from IEBS

This master's degree from the IEBschool is designed for those people who want to be part of the data analysis and management department of companies as business analysts.

We live in the data age and all companies generate large amounts of information. The great challenge of a data analyst is to use this information to make decisions that benefit the business or company.

During the different modules, the student will learn to use basic BI tools to be able to face any business analysis problem.

To put what has been learned into practice, different real projects will be carried out and at the end of the master's degree a complete data analysis and business intelligence project will be carried out.

Duration: 10 months

ECTS credits: 60

Mode: remote

Language: Spanish

Type: own title

1. Know how to apply ETL processes (Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading) in different real projects.

2. Define a personalized data analysis and reporting strategy for a given situation.

3. Know how to professionally use the most popular tools and utilities in the world of business intelligence and data analysis.

1. Introduction to programming languages

2. Description of data analysis

3. Data strategy

4. Mathematics and statistics in data processing

5. ETL processes. From data to information

6. Storage systems and services

7. Business Intelligence

8. Datawarehouse environments

9. Data sources

10. Data preparation and shaping in power BI

11.Customer analytics

12. Formulation of measures in Power BI

13. Descriptive and predictive analytics

14. Automation of data flows

15. Data visualization and reporting using Qlik

16. Information analysis with Power BI

17. Master's final project


Master in Business Intelligence and Data Management at Inesdi

master business intelligence at inesdi university

Studying this master's degree allows you to acquire the necessary knowledge to carry out tasks related to advanced client management and business project management.

The student will be able to use the most powerful Business Intelligence tools on the market to explore data in an analytical and visual way with the aim of extracting all types of useful information that will later be used for business decision-making.

Duration: 12 months

ECTS credits: 60

Mode: remote

Language: Spanish

Type: own title

1. Use data science, big data and machine learning to find the best solutions to real business problems.

2. Know the most used techniques and tools in the business intelligence sector.

3. Learn to extract and transform data for subsequent analysis.

4. Build control commands to view and create data reports easily and quickly.

1. Fundamentals of business intelligence and data analysis

2. Big Data and Analytics

3. Business intelligence project management

4. Data governance

5. Architecture, modeling and databases

6. Data integration

7. Data exploitation

8. Data visualization

9. Machine learning and artificial intelligence

10. Use cases

11. Master's final project


Online master's degree in BI at OBS business school

online bi master at OBS

The objective of this master's degree is to provide all the necessary knowledge, both practical and theoretical, so that students can be able to direct all types of business strategies.

Students will learn to use cutting-edge tools in the field of business intelligence and will be presented with real problems so that they can test their knowledge to propose possible solutions.

At the end of the course, each student will have to present a master's thesis where a solution to a real business problem will be proposed within the field of business intelligence.

In addition, there will also be the possibility of attending additional activities such as Big Data or ethics workshops and different webinars taught by professionals in the sector.

At the end of the master's degree, there will be the possibility of taking the exam to obtain the official aCAP (Associate Certified Analytics Professional) or CAP (Certified Analytics Professional) certifications.

Duration: 12 months

ECTS credits: 60

Mode: remote

Spanish Language

Type: own title

1. Know the main tools used in analytics and business intelligence and know how to apply them appropriately to a business problem.

2. Learn the basics of project management and know how to apply business intelligence within them, optimizing time management and making favorable decisions based on data.

3. Apply reporting and Big Data creation methods to manage data and present it to management teams in a simple and self-explanatory way.

1. Business Intelligence today

2. BI planning and strategies

3. Data segmentation

4. The Big Data paradigm

5. Data exploration tools

6. Data visualization tools

7. Project management

8. Business analytics

9. Data science

10. Management skills in Business Intelligence

11. Master's thesis