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What is Tableau

Tableau is software that allows all types of businesses to analyze and visualize large amounts of data through interactive graphs with the aim of improving business performance.

What Tableau is for

Tableau helps you perform multiple operations on data and generate all types of schemas from information extracted from a wide variety of data warehouses.

This tool is popularly used in the sector known as Business Intelligence or Data Intelligence, forming part of a set of strategies that aim to transform information into useful knowledge to be able to make more effective decisions and improve the performance of a company or company.

Tableau Features

Tableau, over the years, has acquired different functionalities, each one specialized in a part of the entire process of analyzing large volumes of data. This makes this software very interesting for companies in the Big Data sector.

Data preparation

Tableau Prep. It is the part of the software that is responsible for the ETL (Extract, Load and Transform) processes of the data life cycle. It allows connection to all types of databases, hosted both locally and in the cloud.

Based on the data obtained, this module transforms the data and prepares it so that it can be stored in an orderly and clean manner in the final storage system.

This entire procedure is carried out in a very simple way, without having to use programming and with visual panels that allow us to see each of the phases of said procedure.

Data visualization

Tableau incorporates all types of graphs and graphical representations to visualize data in a detailed and self-explanatory way. It allows you to generate bar graphs, line graphs, geographic maps, box plots, among many others.

Additionally, the options in this software help optimize dashboards through filtering, sorting, or grouping operations.

Dashboard creation

Tableau makes it easy to create dashboards with the information necessary to show results to our clients, integrate them into other applications such as Jira or SalesForce, or to facilitate the analysis of a task.

You just have to drag and drop the board elements that are of interest and you will have it created. Tableau's ease of use is one of the main features that has made it one of the preferred tools for companies that use business intelligence and Big Data.

Share boards

Share boards with colleagues, friends or clients so they can view and interact directly with them from their computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Tableau Key Features

Easy to use

Tableau is designed so that anyone with a minimum of computer knowledge is able to create their own dashboards from the data imported into the program.

There are many tutorials, courses and manuals to learn how to use this data visualization and business intelligence tool professionally.

Import from multiple sources

One of the strong points of this application is the wide variety of sources from which data can be imported. Some of these are Cloudera, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Oracle SQL, MySQL, MongoDB among others.


Tableau can integrate with a wide set of security protocols such as Auth, Kerberos or Active Directory. This way you can maintain security and have databases under protection, avoiding the loss of confidential data.

Integration with other applications

Tableau allows you to create dashboards and integrate them through extensions with other programs such as Graphomate Pictograms, Graphomat Bubbles, DashbordUsage, Phrazor, Gap Analysis among many others.

Users can interact with graphs and data using these third-party applications.

Analysis of data

The main objective of this SAS is the understanding of data for decision making. There are different levels of information analysis. The first is rapid visual comprehension.

Using quality graphics you can visualize the information and understand it quickly and accurately.

You can also group, filter, and join different data and use Python or R integrations for deeper analysis.

Large user community

Tableau has made available to its customers a community space where users can share projects, programs, events, dashboards, visualizations, among many other things.

Importance of Tableau for technology companies

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Tableau Certifications

Tableau offers official certifications that verify knowledge in a specific aspect of the software.

Thanks to these certifications, a user can demonstrate skills related to big data and business intelligence, allowing them to find employment in sectors related to data analysis and visualization.

Tableau certifications are as follows:

  1. Specialist (Desktop)
  2. Certified Associate (Desktop)
  3. Certified Professional (Desktop)
  4. Certified Associate (Server)
  5. Certified Professional (Server)

How to learn Tableau from scratch

As we have seen, learning this software is highly recommended for all people who intend to have a successful career in the world of information processing and visualization.

There are many online resources and in-person courses to learn to master it expertly.

Learning Tableau

On the company's official website you can find the learning section where you are taught how to use the BI tool step by step through video tutorials taught by professionals.

Business intelligence courses on Udemy

Udemy is a learning platform where you can find courses in multiple areas of programming and information management. Below we show you the most popular courses on how to learn Tableau.

  • Tableau Desktop: From Zero to Tableau Developer
  • Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep from scratch
  • Tableau 2021 from A to Z
  • Learn Tableau from Zero to Expert

Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep from scratch

Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep from scratch

Master and postgraduate degree in business intelligence

We can find different master's degrees and postgraduate courses, both in-person and online, to learn business intelligence and data processing.

Most of them are designed for people who already have knowledge of data science and who want to delve deeper into popular tools and methodologies today in the world of business intelligence.

Some of the universities that teach BI courses and where you can learn how Tableau works are: the UOC, Iebschool, La Salle...