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Business intelligence tools

Little by little, more companies are integrating business, commercial or corporate intelligence into their departments to analyze all the information generated and be able to make data-based decisions that benefit the company.

To carry out these tasks, professionals have emerged who adapt to this work. These are BI consultants or BI analysts and their role is to master the different business intelligence tools that exist and analyze the data to see new business opportunities that would not otherwise be taken advantage of.

The 10 best BI tools on the market

There are many different business intelligence tools and software. All of them allow the analysis and visualization of data through dashboards and graphs.

Additionally, some also allow ETL or ELT functions to store data in different formats.

We have made a compilation of the most used BI technologies this year and we have made a summary of each of them.

Power BI

Power BI is the business intelligence tool created by Microsoft. It allows you to connect to all types of data to view it in a scalable and unified way.

Create all types of custom reports and dashboards with KPIs and high-quality graphics perfect for communication between departments.

In addition, it includes all types of filters and groupings to be able to observe the data in different dimensions and be able to draw decisive conclusions for the company.


Tableau is a program designed for visual analysis that allows you to transform and visualize data that comes from all types of different sources with the aim of carrying out business and enterprise intelligence effectively.

Tableau incorporates a wide variety of components designed to carry out different tasks within the world of business intelligence.

One of the most important is Tableau Prep, which allows you to carry out ETL processes for good data cleaning.

To learn more you can consult our article where we talk about what Tableau is and what it is for.


Sisense is a business intelligence tool designed to facilitate the analysis of data that comes from different sources such as Google Analytics, Adwords or data warehouses.

One of the strong points of Sisense is its low learning curve. It is designed so that people with little experience can use it from day one.


The SAP business intelligence suite has all the necessary tools for creating reports and reports for a complete business analysis.

It allows the visualization of dashboards, risk assessment and highlighting strategic information for good identification of new opportunities.

An advantage of SAP BI is its integration with the Microsoft Office suite which helps manipulate data, identify trends and remove outliers from Excel files.

Oracle BI

Oracle's enterprise business intelligence product is Oracle BI. This platform, together with Oracle Analytics, allows you to simplify business analytics through clean and organized data presentation.

It is designed to make quick and accurate decisions in the business environment through the analysis and presentation of all available business information through dashboards.


Microstrategy is a company focused on business intelligence with different products and services. They offer data mining and presentation of data in beautiful and self-explanatory dashboards.

In addition, it allows sharing dashboards with clients and exhaustive analysis to detect new business and commercial opportunities.


QlikView is a Business Intelligence tool that allows you to connect to different data sources, whether data warehouses, CRM, databases or Excel.

QlikView helps you model this data, clean it and transform it to get the most out of it and present it visually with beautiful dashboards and dashboards.


Pentaho is a business intelligence platform designed to carry out ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) tasks. ETL consists of extracting data from different sources and processing it so that it has a specific structure and can be stored in data warehouses.

Pentaho's strong point is that it is open-source and includes tools for generating reports, carrying out data mining and connecting with Apache Hadoop to process large amounts of data.

AWS Glue

AWS Glue is Amazon's platform that enables effective data integration. It is designed for all types of ETL processes: clean, transform, enrich, combine, group, normalize, standardize, load or analyze are some of the functions that AWS Glue allows.

Azure data factory

Azure Data Factory is Microsoft Azure's data integration service. It contains more than 90 connectors to extract data from multiple sources of information.

It allows you to carry out ETL and ELT operations to store in data warehouse and data lake architectures.

The strong point of data factory is that it allows you to carry out all the mentioned processes in a simple way without having to program anything.