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Study blockchain from scratch

The world of cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFT) It has become very fashionable in recent years.

Concepts such as decentralized finance, decentralized applications or decentralized autonomous organizations .

All these concepts have arisen thanks to a new cutting-edge technology called blockchain or chain of blocks which allows information to be validated in a secure and decentralized way, putting an end to large financial and technological monopolies.

But... what exactly do these distributed systems consist of?

In this article you will find different resources so that you can study and learn blockchain from scratch without knowledge previous and you can even create your own cryptocurrency projects or decentralized applications.

Best courses to introduce yourself to blockchain technology

A large number of free or very low-cost online courses can be found on the Internet where you can learn these technologies from scratch. Below we show you the best blockchain courses that we can find on the Udemy platform.

Complete Blockchain Course from zero to expert

This course is located on the Udemy platform and gives an extensive introduction to the basics of blockchain. Additionally, the course advances to more developed concepts such as creating a blockchain in Python and programming a cryptocurrency from scratch.

This course will take you from the most basic pillars of the blockchain world to the creation of your own projects based on a blockchain network.

Some of the points covered in this course are:

  • Understand how a blockchain is created, focusing on the operation of the bitcoin cryptocurrency.
  • Introduction to cryptography necessary to understand the operation of the blockchain and the POW system ( Proof Of Work ).
  • Learn the Solidity programming language for creating decentralized applications and smart contracts ( smart contracts ) based on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Know in detail the concept of tokens and creation of a token.
  • You will learn how to create a cryptocurrency using blockchain technology using Python as a programming language.
  • You will learn about projects with more future on different altcoins.

If you want to learn blockchain technology and its entire ecosystem in depth, this course is really interesting.

Blockchain and Bitcoin: Essential Fundamentals

This is a course designed for people who want to enter the world of blockchain and all the technology that surrounds it so that they can understand the basic concepts and how these decentralized models work.

Unlike other courses, this one does not include advanced training on Ethereum blockchain programming for decentralized applications or cryptocurrencies.

Some issues covered in this course are:

  • Basic concept of blockchain and bitcoin.
  • Introduction to smart contracts.
  • Limitations of blockchain and bitcoin technologies.
  • How to get started buying bitcoin.

Blockchain. Understanding the blockchain and its evolution

Block technology is here to stay. This decentralized way of processing data has a large number of applications in commerce, voting systems, banking and many other sectors.

Understanding this technology is vital to stay up to date with new projects that come to light and understand how they work.

This course is designed for students, companies or developers who want to understand or apply this technology and who do not yet have the necessary knowledge.

Some of the concepts you will learn in this course are:

  • Learning blockchain 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0.
  • Security in the blockchain and in wallets .
  • What are the limitations of this distributed technology.
  • Future of blockchain: How will it change our world?

Best books to learn blockchain from scratch

Another study method is to buy books or pick them up from the library to learn everything about the blockchain system. In this section we recommend some of the best-rated books on Amazon on this topic.

Blockchain: the industrial revolution of the internet

This book is written by the author Alexander Preukschat. Alexander works as an advisor to multiple companies helping them enter the blockchain world.

During his professional career he has helped apply this technology in many sectors such as the financial sector, tourism or digital marketing.

It is a book that covers a little bit of everything about this technology and doesn't go too deep into any of them. So it is perfect to get started and begin to understand how all these decentralized models work.

Everything you wanted to know about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain: and you didn't dare ask

With this book, the author Carlos Domingo will help you understand the world of digital currencies and cryptoeconomics, explaining how the world of blockchains will affect our future and how the world of blockchains already affects our present.

It is a light and introductory text to begin to understand this entire sector. Explain the concepts clearly. If you want to understand the technology on which bitcoin is based, this book is undoubtedly one of the best options.

The blockchain revolution: Discover how this new technology will transform the global economy

Decentralized currencies have begun to become popular a few years ago due to their ability to not depend on a central institution that controls them. These decentralized currencies rely on a technology called blockchain to securely validate transactions.

This protocol may seem complicated at first, but if it is explained well it can be understood easily and quickly.

This book aims to introduce the reader to this technology and explain how it will change the global economy in the short and long term.

Learn the basics, applications, problems, and challenges of this decentralized technology with this book by Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott.

Masters to specialize in blockchain

employees in a technology company that uses blockchain systems, then investing in a master's degree is a very good option.

In addition to having teachers with a high level of knowledge about these systems, you will also have the possibility of doing internships in companies that may later hire you.

These are some of the masters that we can find both in person and online to learn about blockchain and decentralized tools.

Master in blockchain technologies at the UPC

This master's degree is carried out blended at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and has a study load of 60 ECTS.

The objective of this master is to teach students blockchain systems and their variants. In addition to the basic concepts, this course also aims to enable the student to be able to design and audit smart contracts.

The student is also trained to be able to design their own projects based on blockchain systems such as decentralized applications, better known as DApps.

Finally, the legal aspects of these new distributed technologies are introduced to give a general business vision.

Some of the points covered in this master's degree are:

  • Virtualization, microservices and application deployment in Docker.
  • Development of distributed applications using Javascript and Solidity.
  • Introduction to the Ethereum virtual machine for the deployment of DApps.
  • Blockchain use cases: DAOs, fungible tokens, smart cities among others.
  • Introduction to bitcoin and its network.
  • Public key cryptography.
  • Altcoin projects.

Master in Blockchain and Fintech at IEBS

This master's degree focuses on providing the necessary tools for the student to understand the advantages of using blockchain technologies and knowing how to apply them in the financial and fintech sector.

To do this, distributed systems, their architecture and the algorithms on which they are based will be studied in depth.

Cryptocurrencies and other case studies such as DAOs, Defis or smart contracts will be studied in depth.

Some topics that will be carefully covered in this master's degree are:

  • Blockchain in business.
  • New competitors in the FinTech sector.
  • Concept of tokenization of digital assets.
  • Decentralized applications and decentralized finance.
  • Cryptography and cybersecurity in blockchain systems.

Master in Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and Cryptoeconomics

Distributed systems, P2P technology ( Peer-to-Peer ) and cryptographic security are changing finance and the technology sector. This master's degree is designed to train students with the aim of covering all current and future demand based on the world of blockchain.

It is a 100% online course with a duration of one academic year. It has a current price of €4,500 and as it could not be otherwise, payment in cryptocurrencies is accepted.

Some concepts that you will learn in this master are:

  • Blockchain technology.
  • Security and cryptography.
  • Smart contracts and the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • Financial cryptography and decentralized finance.
  • DAOs: decentralized autonomous organizations.