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13 examples of artificial intelligence

We have all heard of artificial intelligence (AI) and it may seem very distant and futuristic. However, for years it has been something that has been part of our daily lives. For example, did you know that many of the functions and applications of our mobile phone make use of artificial intelligence?

Companies specialized in all types of sectors integrate autonomous learning to improve their products and businesses. From finance to medicine, automotive, digital marketing or biology.

Below, we show you some examples of the uses of AI so that you can get an idea of ​​the extent to which they are useful in our society.

autonomous cars

More and more automobile companies are betting on self-driving cars. These cars have to be able to react to any unexpected events on the road quickly and effectively.

To achieve this, engineers train artificial intelligence by simulating all types of dangerous situations in which the car may be involved.

noise removal

Some headphones that we find on the market use AI to predict the wave frequency of the next sound, achieving perfect inhibition of external noise.

Sales prediction

Many businesses use artificial intelligence methods to predict sales in the following weeks or months. This helps estimate products in stock, reducing company costs.

drug design

Many pharmaceutical companies and research groups around the world are beginning to use machine learning models to find new potentially effective drugs for all types of diseases.

Artificial intelligence helps the researcher to identify those molecules that are most likely to bind correctly to their therapeutic target thanks to their physicochemical properties.

Ad automation

The advertisements that appear to us on social networks and in general on the Internet seem to know what our interests and hobbies are. This is because artificial intelligence determines which ads are the most appropriate for us to click on and consume said advertising.

These techniques use our history to understand our tastes and thus be able to show us what interests us most.

Photo retouching

Photography is another sector that has greatly benefited from the advances in autonomous learning. Filters, image quality improvements or object removal are just some examples in which this type of methods are used.

Most mobile phones make use of these cutting-edge technologies to improve the quality of images by adapting light and contrast parameters.


Language translators use artificial intelligence techniques applied to text to achieve very good quality translations from one language to another.

Some examples are Google Translate or Deepl. These types of software have helped improve translations in recent years.

Virtual assistants

Alexa, Siri or Cortana are examples of virtual assistants that use AI to understand the task they must execute based on a voice command from the user.

This type of technology can be found in all types of devices such as mobile phones, televisions, computers or even integrated into home automation homes.


Predicting the weather in the coming days or even weeks is a difficult problem to address due to the chaotic nature of the fluids in the atmosphere that determine meteorology.

In many cases, this problem is attempted to be solved using predictive artificial intelligence methods based on historical data collected over years and years.

Search engines

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing collect all types of information from users to provide them with increasingly more precision what they are looking for.

To get the search intention of each person right based on the browser's keyword, they use artificial intelligence techniques.


Many of the GPS or mobile applications that guide you to reach your destination use AI to predict, for example, the traffic on your route and be able to choose the most optimal path that allows you to reach your destination sooner.


Robots are surely the first thing anyone thinks of when hearing artificial intelligence.

Robotics is advancing very quickly, making robots capable of performing all types of tasks, both domestic and more specialized, such as deactivating certain dangerous devices.

Fraud detection

In many sectors, machine learning methods are used to detect possible fraud and act against possible scams.

For example, banks have artificial intelligence trained to detect fraudulent transactions and automatically block them.

There are companies that create computer vision models capable of detecting people who do not pay in a store and helping the business avoid losses due to theft.